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channel icon Collective creation: improvised arts and engineering
Video recording of the SHS Master course HUM441
channel icon Highlights in Energy Research
channel icon LASA Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory
Research at LASA develops means by which humans can teach robots to perform skills with the level of dexterity displayed by humans in similar tasks. Our robots move seamlessly with smooth motions. The...
channel icon Auwerx Lab
Our laboratory is using systems approaches to map the signalling networks that govern mitochondrial function and as such regulate organismal metabolism in health, aging and disease. Stay updated with ...
channel icon Laboratory of Astrophysics of EPFL
channel icon LCAV
The mission of the Audiovisual Communications laboratory is to perform basic and applied research in signal processing for communications, provide undergraduate and graduate teaching of signal process...
channel icon Magma & Principes
Magma & Principes est un cycle de conférences thématiques qui résulte dans un périodique annuel et constitue un cours pour les étudiants d'architecture dans la deuxième année du master à l'EPFL. Le ...
channel icon IIG - Virtual Reality
Our researches in Virtual Reality focus on involving users through full-body movements to ease the evaluation of potentially complex environments. We also investigate how to impersonate a full range o...
channel icon Superstudio
Conferences and seminars on the theme of the Horizontal Metropolis
channel icon Distrilog : software under license of the EPFL
Distrilog is the software under licence distribution plateform of the EPFL.
channel icon Doctoral School, interviews
Current Doctoral Students or Alumnis talk about their PhD experience at EPFL.
channel icon Callista - Astronomy club
Callista is the astronomy club on the EPFL/UNIL campus. We organise open observations on the campus (near the North West corner of the Rolex Learning Center, see our calendar on the website for mor...
channel icon IT support Faculty IC
Vidéos du support informatique de la faculté IC
channel icon CAPE - Teaching Support Centre
The Teaching Support Centre works with teachers, sections, schools and their programs to support the quality of teaching at EPFL. We offer in-depth teaching evaluations and coaching to academic staff...
channel icon CHILI
Demos of research projects by CHILI (Computer Human Interaction Lab for Learning and Instruction)
channel icon IC Colloquium
IC Colloquium are weekly seminars organized by the IC School of EPFL. The purpose of these seminars is to bring leading computer scientists, mathematicians, and engineers to our campus and educate o...
channel icon Social Ontology
The new Centre for Social Ontology is based in the College of Humanities. Its central focus is the Morphogenetic Project.
channel icon SAR TV
Architecture teaching videos
channel icon CNP
Center for Neuroprosthetics
channel icon National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Robotics – Intelligent robots for improving the quality of life
The National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Robotics is a Swiss nationwide organisation funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation pulling together top researchers from all over the coun...
channel icon GA Project
Guardian Angels Guardian Angels for a Smarter Planet Providing Information and Communication Technologies to assist people in all sorts of complex situations is the long term goal of the Flag...
channel icon TIP Conference
Trends in Innovation in the Postal Market: Interviews of the annual TIP Conference
channel icon International Film Festival on Energy, Lausanne (IFFEL)
The Video Library of the FIFEL Foundation is a database composed by films and commercials about energy and is totally unique. A worldwide selection of more than 1'000 films and commercials shown durin...
channel icon SHS - Social and Human Sciences
Offrir un enseignement pertinent et adapté aux nouveaux visages du polytechnicien contemporain. Le polytechnicien d'aujourd'hui est à la fois spécialiste de son domaine et capable d’intégrer la comple...
channel icon EPFL’s Cultural and Artistic Affairs
Videos of events organized by EPFL’s Cultural and Artistic Affairs: plastic arts, music, performing arts, ephemeral installations, theatre, meeting the artists, etc.
channel icon Brain Awareness Week in Lausanne
This chanel allows you to watch all latest Brain Awareness Week public forums yearly organized at CHUV in Lausanne.
channel icon Language Center
The purpose of this channel is to present the Language Center and explain how it works, its activties and different learning approaches.
channel icon myPrint
The purpose of myPrint is to standardize the printing/copying process within EPFL and to make it accountable.
channel icon LOB Events
Movies on LOB events
channel icon GTT Turbomachinery Channel
This channel illustrates the research activities of the GTT (former LTT) in the domain of turbomachinery, especially focusing on gas turbines. Gas turbines are at the heart of all modern aircraft prop...
channel icon LAURE - Laboratory of urban architecture and energetic rationality
LAURE - Laboratory of urban architecture and energetic rationality: venture to explore the general discussion about the urban space, by experimenting with concepts such as "the dense city" and "...
channel icon BlankeLab TV - Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience
Bodily self-consciousness is studied in the LNCO by using electrical (EEG) and functional neuroimaging (fMRI), virtual reality (VR), clinical studies and behavioral studies.
channel icon Summer Research Institute
The Summer Research Institute is an annual event that takes place at the School of Computer and Communication Sciences (I&C) at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. The mission of SuRI is to create an in...
channel icon KIS - Web Services
EPFL offers a variety of solutions for your web communication needs. Here's a quick tour of some available services. The KIS team is at your disposal to help you make the best choice.
channel icon Archizoom Videos
Lecture and exhibition videos. Archizoom, ENAC Faculty, EPFL
channel icon Foundation for Education and Professional Training in the field of Tunnelling and Underground Space
The Foundation for Education and Professional Training in the field of Tunnelling and Underground Space has been set in 2009, and is based on the Epfl campus. The Foundation aim toward better traini...
channel icon ITA-AITES Toward a better use of Underground Space
Founded in 1974 ITA-AITES presently gathers 55 Member Nations and 280 Corporate or Individual Affiliate Members.
channel icon CNBI BCI system demonstrations
The Defitech Foundation Chair in Non-Invasive Brain-Machine Interface are part of the EPFL's Center for Neuroprosthetics and the Institute of Bioengineering.
channel icon GHI Movie
The mission of the Global Health Institute (GHI) is to contribute to the understanding, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases through world-class research, training and tuition. T...
channel icon EPFL IC Tresor Talks
The Tresor Group (EPFL Thrust in Reliable Software Research) of the IC Faculty organizes every week seminars about its research area.
channel icon EPFL's Library
channel icon Nano-Tera.CH
Nano-Tera is a program for the research, design and engineering of complex (tera-scale) systems and networks to monitor and connect humans and/or the environment. The underlying enabling technologies ...
channel icon eSpace TV
The Space Engineering Center (eSpace) TV is made out of videos recorded during events organised by the eSpace. It also makes references to videos of general interest related to the space sector.
channel icon EPFL alumni association
A3-EPFL graduates and PhD association develops the members network and their relations with the EPFL
channel icon Integrated System Center
The Integrated Systems Centre has the purpose of gathering faculty, graduate students, researchers and industrial partners in the research and development of design technologies for integrated syste...
channel icon School of Life Sciences
The School of Life Sciences (SV) at EPFL is organized to teach students at the interfaces of biology and other sciences such as engineering, basic sciences, computer sciences. We aim to foster a gener...
channel icon Blue Brain Project
The cortex, the convoluted "grey matter" that makes up 80% of the human brain, is responsible for our ability to remember, think, reflect, empathize, communicate, adapt to new situations and plan for ...


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