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With regard to EPFLTV

With regard to this service

EPFLTV ( http://video.epfl.ch ) archive EPFL numerical vidéos. Most video are streaming video. Other high quality video must be downloaded. This is the second version of EPFLTV started in july 2005. The first version of EPFLTV began in year 2001.
This service is free of use for all EPFL users. The main video format used is Flash. Others like RealVideo, WindowsMedia, Quicktime, MPEGs or DIVX are also accepted. If you want to use this service for "Live" event retransmission, contact me. If you want add a video, we give you access to our equipment and to our competence.
EPFLTV automaticaly create a Podcast for last entries. But it's possible to create a Podcast of your own video administrator account. More information on Podcast and EPFLTV

How to become a video administrator & archive your own video on EPFLTV

Very simple if you are an EPFL's user: send an Email to 1234@epfl.ch with your SCIPER number, that's all. I'll open a new account as video administrator then you will be able to add videos. All video are accepted on condition that they dont injure the EPFL.

Streaming formats already supported

Progressive download video formats already supported

Download formats supported


EPFLTV is multi-plateforms

EPFLTV should work on each plateform like Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, others unix...

EPFLTV is multi-servers

Today, We use a Streaming server with a maximum of 60 simulatneous connections. But EPFLTV should work with all video servers.

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